We live in a world today where we are always looking for more. Always trying to do more. Always chasing something. Always trying to be better. Always trying to compete. Majority of us always end of dissatisfied to say the least. Of course there’s nothing wrong with wanting to do better and be better. Those are important but society has a way of making us feel so ‘behind‘ like we aren’t doing enough.

Dreams/goals/passions are all important. It’s important to continue to be the best that you can be. But how often do you actually feel accomplished when you reach that goal? When you reach a goal what is your first thought!? How good you feel? Or how good others make you feel? Make sure you ask yourself WHY are you trying to achieve that goal. Is it for you or society? I remember when I started working out a few years ago, my goal was to lose 20lbs. I worked out almost everyday, counting my calorie intake, eating healthy, I mean really putting in the work day in and day out. I was proud of myself. It was rewarding to see results. I did feel good everyday but I remember never being happy when I looked in the mirror. I remember still not liking the way I looked. I remember thinking NOW I”M TOO SKINNY. I wished my arms were toner. I remember still wishing I had a different shape. Now before I started working out I thought I was fat, and if I just lost some weight, I would be happy and when I got there it wasn’t what I pictured. I had a different expectation in my head of what I thought I should look like. It was all an illusion. It’s all like a mirage. A mirage is an optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions, especially the appearance of a sheet of water in a desert or on a hot road caused by the refraction of light from the sky by heated air. You see the image ahead of you and when you get there it’s gone. Majority of us live our lives like this everyday. We have this idea of what we want and when we just get there, we will be complete or we will have this ‘feeling of success.’ That’s why interviewers always ask celebrities “How does it feel?” How does it feel to reach this certain level of success? Because we think that it should feel a certain way when you reach a certain level but honestly it doesn’t. You may feel accomplished for a moment but the moment is quickly gone and your already on to the next ‘feeling.’

Another illusion we see often is being hesitant. Hesitant on our dreams, hesitant on that next step in life. Hesitant on making the next move because we feel like we have to accomplish more goals before we try to reach the next level. We often sell ourselves short and think that we aren’t capable of doing something yet. We say WHEN I get to this point in life, THEN i can become this person! We treat ourselves like we are lacking in some specific area that is stopping us from making any more progress. We are always waiting for the right time to do something! This is an illusion as well.

I’m reminded today that I have everything I need right now. With everything that I lack or don’t lack I can be grateful and feel complete right here in this moment. I constantly say in conversation with others and to myself, that WHEN I get more money, then our family will be okay. When I get this certain amount of money in the bank, THEN I can do this. When I get to this level in my job, THEN everything will be okay. When my kids get older and more mature, THEN life won’t be so stressful. It’s all an illusion! Life will always have obstacles in your way. Something will always pop up.


Even if you reach all of those goals, that “complete‘ feeling will not last. Why does it go away so quickly? Because you can NEVER feel complete in the things of this world. No amount of money or material things will make you feel complete. Maybe for just a moment but it will pass. That’s why people seek validation from other people so they can get reassurance that they are successful or heading in the right direction. Only you can determine that!

Our Creator made us to be complete in Him. All of these material things will pass. We can’t take them when we leave this earth. None of it will matter. All the clothes you have in your closet won’t matter when you pass away. All the cars in your driveway won’t matter when you leave this earth. What really matters is WHAT WE DO WITH what God has trusted us with while we are on earth. Have you ever realized that the things that you can’t see make you feel complete?! Love is fulfilling! Laughter is fulfilling! When you spend time with people you care about it’s a rewarding feeling! When you give that time that you feel like you don’t have to other people, it can be so rewarding. Why? Because God wired us like this. We were never meant to try to be fulfilled with the things of this earth, we were meant to be fulfilled with people and to fulfill others. The things of this earth are RESOURCES. God is our SOURCE.

I’ve lived in an illusion for many years. Society constantly telling me that I have to do more and be more for validation. Stop living in the illusion. Stop running to the mirage expecting to receive water! It will always be dry. It will never fulfill. Jesus is the living water!

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