Invisible Hero

Today I write this to acknowledge the invisible heroes we have in our life that we don’t even see as heroes. The people sacrificing everyday and gets no recognition. I acknowledge you. I see you. I hear you. To the people who give and give and get nothing back in return. I’m talking to the women. The mothers. The wives. The step mothers. The foster moms. I’m talking to the people who have made it their life to live for their family. I’m talking to the strong women out in the world who has the weight on their shoulders. I’m talking to the mothers who are up all night with their sick child comforting them. I’m talking to the women who cook dinner and clean up the dishes and clear the table after everybody else goes back to doing what they enjoy. I’m talking to the grandmothers who are raising their children’s children. I’m talking to the women who is expected to provide for the family everyday without help. I’m talking to the mothers who makes three different types of sandwiches because all three kids like something different. I’m talking to the wives and mothers who spend their days giving to their family and forget to give to their self. I’m talking to the women who have lost their identity because they spent all their time investing in other people. I’m talking to me.

Women are by far the greatest human beings in the world and yet they barely get the acknowledgement that they deserve. We get one day out of the year to celebrate us but it’s hardly enough. We work all year long and don’t get paid for what we do. Not to mention if we have jobs outside of the house as well. We are taken for granted on a daily basis and ask for very little in between. We love. We love hard. We cry. We give. We laugh. We always see the big picture and that’s often what keeps us going. But what we often fail to realize is WE ARE HUMAN! And apparently others forget that we are human as well. We forget that we need rest so we continue to go like we don’t and others get the same expectation from us.

Give these women a break! Take a day to reflect on all that these women do for you! They need it! They need to know that they are seen. They need to know that you appreciate it. They need to know they are LOVED! Let them know that all their hard work and sacrifice does not go unnoticed! But more than anything else, offer to help them! Take some weight off their shoulders! HELP THEM! You have no idea what it means to just offer help.

Ladies plan a day for YOU this week. Just do it! Whatever you want to do. Make time for you. If it’s taking a nap or reading a book, make that time for you this week. You deserve it.

I broke down today and cried in the shower. I felt all the weight on my shoulders today. I felt invisible. I felt like nobody cared. I feel like I give and give to my family and nobody thinks to give back to me. I feel like the expectations of me are too high but yet I am to have no expectations for anybody else. I feel all the pressure today. I cried today and I almost stayed in that place. But then I had the thought that I am not alone. I know there is someone else out there who feels the same way I do. I know that there has been many women before me who have struggled the same way I am today. I decided to write a blog to knowledge the invisible heroes who don’t wear capes, who look like normal people but who saves people lives everyday.

To the hardworking women who are never acknowledged. I see you. I hear you. I feel your pain. I cry with you. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. You can’t see the seeds you have planted growing yet but you will. Other people will eat from your garden because the seeds you planted. You are one of a kind and you are special. I see you today. You got this!

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