Empty space

Just to be clear I am not talking about depression or mental health. This is very different then what I’m referring to. Those things need to be handled in a professional setting and nothing is wrong with that. If you are depressed please seek the help that you need.

Have you ever been driving somewhere for a period of time, get to your destination and realize you have no idea how you got there? Or what about you walk into the kitchen to do something and forget what it was you were doing when you got there? Have you ever done something just mindlessly, realizing you’ve just been spaced out for a long period of time? Way too often this happens to me. Way too often at the end of my day I look back on my day and can’t remember much of what I’ve done, because majority of it was like I was in a ‘zombie state’.

I can’t speak for anyone else of why this happens, but I will speak for myself. This bothers me. Not because I spaced out for a little bit but because I know when I evaluate my whole day, looking back on it, I wasted my day. I took that day for granted as if I was certain I would see tomorrow. To be honest not much of anything was going on up there in my brain. Even worse, I didn’t have much emotion. I just went through the motions not really feeling much of anything. And I am not okay with that. How many of you have lived your lives like that? Empty space is the same as having negativity in the mind. Having nothing going up there in your mind is as bad as having the wrong thoughts in your mind too. We have to decide to fill up our brains with knowledge. We have to be INTENTIONAL! We can’t get anywhere in life without it. We have to decide what we want to fill our minds with for the day and to be very honest social media has stopped us from doing it. Social media allows us to look at other peoples lives and see what they are doing and focus on everybody else but ourselves! Almost everyday I am frustrated with my kids because I often feel like they don’t know how to use their imaginations anymore. It’s like social media has taken that away from them. They love to get on YouTube or ticktock and watch other kids live their lives. And do not mistake my parenting, my children get one hour a day for tablets. One hour! And that’s if they do their chores and do what they are supposed to do, but they do not spend a lot of time in front of technology. YouTube isn’t even allowed in my house, due to the damage I seen being done to my kids. I believe social media has caused a lot of empty space in our brains. Constantly being connected to our phones has taken our creativity away, and if it’s not managed properly it does more damage than good.

How do we get out of these zombie mind states and take back the life that belongs to us. UNPLUG! It’s hard isn’t it? It’s so natural for us to grab our phone and MINDLESSLY get on Facebook without even thinking about it. DELETE THE APP! I promise, it will be there when your ready to return to it. It’s time to start focusing on you. Hey, if you don’t have a problem with this issue, then I will gladly talk to myself. I have this issue. I love staying in contact with my friends and family, i love seeing what everybody is doing, but it has hurt me more than done good and it’s time I do something about it. At the end of the day my kids are watching. They are seeing how I handle life. I have to show them healthy ways to do that.

As a mother for sure, I can say that I neglect myself often. Majority of my time goes to my family without even realizing it. As women this is who we are naturally. We are nurturing, we sacrifice and we often give too much to others who don’t give it back in return. My empty mind often comes from this. My motherly duties everyday that i have to do, like washing the dishes, clean the house, give the kids bath, make dinner, not to mention work, often takes up a lot of my time and it’s easy for me to get in the zombie mind state. It’s easy for nothing to be going on up there in my mind because I’m too busy doing the same daunting task day after day. I know someone feels me. It’s our job to make those daunting tasks new everyday. It’s our job to still find joy in those daunting tasks. Because at the end of the day somebody out here in the world can’t do those daunting tasks. They don’t have the energy to get up and do the dishes, or somebody out there, wish they could get up to cook. Your pain is someone else’s blessing and let’s not forget that.

Tomorrow wake up with purpose! Wake up ready to start the day! Wake up thanking God for another day! Don’t check social media the moment you open your eyes! Focus on you! Be intentional! Think about what you’re thinking about. You decide what day you will have! Don’t have a empty mind. Fill your mind with love and positiveness. Do something different today. You’ll be surprised how better you feel at the end of the day and tomorrow. Take control of your life. None of this happens all at once, it’s one day at a time. Put it the work! You deserve it. You are worthy! You have value! You are a victor, not a victim!

One thought on “Empty space

  1. Yeah this is one I struggle with. I’ve heard it said that if you’re bored its because you’re not paying enough attention. And then I get antsy and grab my phone. Hard habit to break!


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